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Elizabeth Gilbert said „You don’t need anyone’s permission to lead a creative life”.

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Over 150 sensual models of stockings and 60 unique tights made for you to make you shine, embellish you and enhance your natural beauty and your inner power. Indeed we all have desires regardless of our age and weight. Our tights and stockings are made with noble yarns produced especially for us in an Italian factory with 100 years of tradition and high-quality production.

Unique patterns are carefully designed and hand sketched with a love for details. Combined, they form an inimitable High-End Product. Our products are based on innovative Lycra® fiber. We combine it with the softness of jet black microfiber so it has exceptional aesthetic values and provides comfort and pleasure of wearing. Mesmerising, unique, beautiful models of our tights and stockings for women of all age and size.

We truly appreciate your business, and we’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. For eight years our products have been sold in many Western European countries : France, Germany, England, Italy. They are also available in the USA, Canada, Dubai, Tokyo.

Thank you for being our representatives. We are so grateful for the pleasure of working with you. We participate in the biggest events in the world. We are present in Paris and we take part in International Fashion Week Dubai  as well as  FASHION WORLD TOKYO

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